Steroids non hodgkin lymphoma

HI Magpiemike,  I just saw your posting.  I have been so busy I haven't been on the computer much.  It sounds like you had a difficult Christmas and I am sorry about your daughter's loss of the twins, but it sounds like you had some positive things happen as well.  I have not had to take the amount of steroids you have but when I got diagnosed and started treatment, I started a low carb/paleo way of eating which is now going to be a way of life.  I have had a few falls along the way eating wheat flour and occasionally sugar but my swollen ankles and achy joints when I did that reminded me that I can't eat that junk anymore.  I showed my food diary to my haematologist and the nurses and they all agreed it was fine to do.  Basically I don't eat any refined food products at all, in fact I make my own sausages because that way I know there isn't breading or junk in them.  It actually doesn't take that long to fix food and I find that I have more energy, less aching in my joints and no swollen ankles at all, whereas before I did have the swelling from the steroids.  I also have lost weight that I needed to lose.  I still have more to go, but this is working for me.  I eat whole foods, eggs, chicken, beef, fish, seafood, good fats - olive oil and coconut oil, fresh leafy greens and lots of salad vegetables.  I make a creamy cheese mash with cauliflower instead of potatoes.  The occasional starch I allow myself are sweet potatoes which are very healthy, but I don't eat white potatoes as they cause a problem with my blood sugar.  I think the lack of sugar and starch in my diet has helped with my tumour disappearing so fast.  Plus I haven't had the sickness a lot of people have.  I do get tired and was a bit anaemic a week and a half ago but by my 6th chemo a week ago Friday my blood was back to normal which meant I won't have to have a transfusion.  I think the steak with the side of spinach casserole had something to do with it. :-) If you want to hook up to be friends so I can email you privately with menus and recipes let me know.  I wish you all the best and hope that you continue to heal in the New Year.  Jenny xxx

After cycle two I became progressively anaemic. The steroids helped a bit but the second and third weeks became harder due to the increasing lethargy. I therefore was given a blood transfusion in the thrid week of the third cycle which made a big difference until the next cycle of chemo. I think I had another two transfusions after each additional chemo cycle which continued to make a difference to energy levels. Once the CHOP was completed the anaemia gradually subsided over a few weeks until I was able to return to normality about four months after treatment finished. 

Steroids non hodgkin lymphoma

steroids non hodgkin lymphoma


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