Oral cancer survivor t shirts

So many hospitals treat you like a number, but at CTCA they treat you like family. I was very fortunate to have found CTCA so soon after my diagnosis. I, like most people, wanted to be treated close to home, but I truly believe if I had, I would not be here to share my story. I continue to count my blessings every day and have recently taken on the opportunity of becoming South Dakota’s Team Hope Leader for an organization called the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. I hope others that have been diagnosed with this disease and are not satisfied with what they have been told will call Cancer Treatment Centers of America. Remember there is always hope and as the song goes by Lee Ann Womack, “you have a choice to sit it out or dance”...“I Hope You Dance.”

For this particular series, we wanted (primarily) to help people share the details of their exceptional medical journeys. We know what clinical factors make pancreatic cancer survival more likely: overall age and good health, early diagnosis, tumor location, eligibility for surgery, world-class hospitals, skilled doctors. Most (but not all) of our initial interviewees had many (but not all) of those things going for them. But so do many people who still aren’t so lucky. We wondered whether there were also other, non-medical situations or attributes that these survivors would turn out to have in common.

Oral cancer survivor t shirts

oral cancer survivor t shirts


oral cancer survivor t shirtsoral cancer survivor t shirtsoral cancer survivor t shirtsoral cancer survivor t shirtsoral cancer survivor t shirts