Listeroid engine efficiency

I have rebuilt and rebuilt again many td engines. The problem I often have afterwards is a leaking rear main seal. When rebuilding these engines I often note that it has a three notch or three hole head gasket. When I measure the piston to deck height clearence it invariably calls for a single notch or hole. My wife’s 91 Jetta wich we bought new had main seal leaks and the dealer changed the seal and clutch plate under warranty in year 8. Now when I disaaembled the engine I noticed a three hole head gaskett. Maybe the dealer put it in I don’t know. Other 92 engine I disassembled was the same. Is that the solution to the leaking real main seal? An aftermarker dealer in San Deego California told me not to retorque the head bolts for the second time after 1000 kms. Maqybe that is weakening the bolts? Do you have any ideas?

One more plug for George at : He's written a wonderful artical (About 80 pages long) called Lister Longevity. He suggests that folks buy it before they get into one of these engines, and I'd have to agree. Some manufactures do a better job than others, I think mine falls somewhere inbetween. (George knows which ones are good, which are bad.. and which are a good gamble!) "Lister Longevity" goes into a lot more depth than his pages at , and it not only tells the reader what they may be getting into, but it also details lots of assembly/disassembly proceedures - lots of tips on improving them.... the document in my opinion makes the engine a much more valuable thing.

Listeroid engine efficiency

listeroid engine efficiency


listeroid engine efficiencylisteroid engine efficiencylisteroid engine efficiencylisteroid engine efficiencylisteroid engine efficiency