East german krinkov

But how exactly did these words come about? As my friend mentioned, adding an “ov” to any word makes it Russian-ized in Pashtu. So that explains the last part of the word, and the first part is probably a bit of vocabulary added on, to signify the importance of the AKS74U as a status symbol. Because it isn’t just any old “Kalashnikov”, its a “Krinkov”, and you know I got it from that Hind I blew out of the sky a week ago. Another tidbit that my friend brought up after the camera was off, is that for some reason, in Jalabad, the Pashtuns refers to the Kalashnikov rifle as that, a “Kalashnikof”. However, in other parts of eastern Afghanistan, the same name is actually pronounced “Krashnikof”. And this might actually be the truest jump to “Krinkof”, as going from “Kalashnikof” to “Kalakof” is very similar, as is going from “Krashnikof” to “Krinkof”. In both cases, the “L” in the first one, and the “R” sound in the second one are maintained in their nickname for the short rifle.

AKs offer several buttstock options besides the classic fixed position. You can find an under-folder and right- and left-side folders. Those are now legal in most states since the sunset of the Clinton 1994–2004 Assault Weapons Ban. If you want to leave behind tradition, you also can buy an AK with an AR-15-style collapsible buttstock . The under-folder is perhaps the most recognizable version, but the side-folders have certainly been around for a while. Many side-folders come in a triangular shape, approximating the basic shape of the wooden buttstock. Or you still can find what is called a wire stock, a single rod extending from the rear trunion and ending at the buttplate. That is also called a crutch-folder since it resembles the end of a crutch that goes under the armpit. The beauty of the side-folders is you can retrofit them to a conventional buttstock AK with little work. Because of its unique rear trunion design, the under-folder is an under-folder for life.

East german krinkov

east german krinkov


east german krinkoveast german krinkoveast german krinkoveast german krinkoveast german krinkov