East german kit

We are very happy to bring more East German AK kits to you!
Quantities are extremely limited!
These are original DDR MPi-KM rifle kits that are in *Excellent* condition, showing very little signs of having been used.
Kits are complete minus the receiver, cleaning rod and barrel.
They have a wood lower handguard with a brown pebble type plastic buttstock and smooth brown plastic upper handguard.
Some kits may have brown plastic lower handguards, there is NO hand select for handguards.
All these kits have been sanitized, removing all markings from the front trunnion and the serial numbers off most of the rest of the parts.
Some parts still show very clear East German factory proof markings.
The process of removing the markings appears to have been done at a factory or arsenal, some being polished out, most all being finish blued over the areas where the markings had been.
These kits are in *Excellent* condition, and will come coated in a light film of heavy oil.
We have noted little to no wear on any of the parts, and some appear to be unfired.
Plastic furniture may have some VERY light wear / marring.
Kits were professionally de-milled, disassembled and each rifles parts remained together.

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For sale,
Makarov East German pistol, 1963, all matching, great shape, good shooter, shot little.
Two mags.
$375 shipped, firm
Mak parts, as one lot only, includes:Spring, hammer/trigger – 2Retainer, hammer/trigger spring -- 2Firing Pins – 2Hammers – 2Safety with detent spring – 2Triggers – 2Recoil springs – 2Trigger bars – 2Plunger, extractor spring – 2Spring, extractor – 2Trigger guard – 1Extractor – 2Sear with spring – 3Slide stop – 1Cleaning rods – 3Rear sights – 2Grip screw, fluted – 1Grip screw, large head – 1Mag follower – 1Mag floor plate – 1Spring, trigger guard – 2Magazines, complete – 2
Plastic box -- 1Price as lot only:
$150 shipped, firm
I do not know the countries of origin of these parts, but they are all new surplus, in good shape.
Mak ammo, as one lot only:
6 boxes, 300 rounds, Silver Bear 94 gr HP
9 boxes, 450 rounds, Silver Bear 94 gr FMJ
1 box, 50 rounds, Privi Partisan 93 gr FMKTotal for 16 boxes, 800 rounds, as one lot:
$150 shipped, firm

East german kit

east german kit


east german kiteast german kiteast german kiteast german kiteast german kit