East german handcuffs

Some forces have unique hat designs for PCSOs which are different from the more common styles such as those worn by the City of London Police PCSOs who adhere to the force's tradition of red detailing, red banding, and a red shield. [38] Another is Merseyside Police , whose PCSOs wear a blue band with green edging. The badge is a black cloth patch similar to the metal shield used by some other forces; [39] North Wales Police ( Welsh : Heddlu Gogledd Cymru ) PCSOs wear black baseball caps with a blue band with "police support" written in both English and Welsh. They are the only force aside from Cheshire Constabulary to issue baseball caps as standard headgear; most forces use custodian helmets or a flat peak cap .

East german handcuffs

east german handcuffs


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