Croup cough treatment steroids

Bordetella in the nose killed my cat in 1 wk. Her kidneys gave out. Just the other day I took my 7 month old puppy to get Bordetella shot because I needed to board her. She was so sick and would not let me touch her that night. It took 4 days and I ended up canceling my trip to care for her. She is better but the place they injected her has a hard mass. I will never get this shot or put in the nose again for any pet. I should have learned 10 years ago when my cat died of kidney failure just after getting Bordetella in her nose. Please dont get this shot. Forge documents if you need to board your pet before doing this one. My puppy is not out of the woods. The hard mass from the shot may very well turn into cancer. I’m just sick.

The primary symptoms of croup are a "barking cough" and hoarseness. Croup is usually mild and lasts less than one week, although it is possible for symptoms to become severe and life threatening. Symptoms are usually worse at night. The more severe cases are due to difficulty breathing caused by swelling in the upper part of the windpipe. Symptoms usually start gradually, beginning with nasal stuffiness and runny nose. Difficulty breathing can develop and become worse during the 12 to 48 hours after congestion and barking cough begin.

Croup cough treatment steroids

croup cough treatment steroids


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