Chemical synthesis of steroid hormones

The lab of Professor Oliver Seitz at the Humboldt University in Berlin (Germany) has a long-standing interest in the development of methods which facilitate the synthetic access to proteins for biological studies. Their first idea was to simplify the synthesis by means of surface-based chemistry using fully synthetic protein arrays. They were foreseeing large-scale studies on the influence of post-translational modification on protein–protein interactions. During their work towards achieving this goal they noticed an increasing interest in soluble synthetic proteins to guide the development of protein-based drugs. The method presented in this paper has many advantages over currently used methods, for example, that HPLC purification is not necessary.

The diverse structures and uncertain metabolic fate of phenolic compounds following digestion prevent understanding about their potential health effects. Specifically, because the presumed antioxidant role of polyphenols in vivo cannot be established, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued labeling guidance to manufacturers that polyphenols cannot be mentioned as antioxidant nutrients unless physiological evidence exists to verify such a qualification and a DRI value has been established. [57] [59] Further, because purported health claims for specific polyphenol-enriched foods remain unproven, [60] health statements about polyphenols on product labels are prohibited by the FDA. [57]

Organic synthesis is a special branch of chemical synthesis dealing with the synthesis of organic compounds . In the total synthesis of a complex product it may take multiple steps to synthesize the product of interest, and inordinate amounts of time. Skill in organic synthesis is prized among chemists and the synthesis of exceptionally valuable or difficult compounds has won chemists such as Robert Burns Woodward the Nobel Prize for Chemistry . If a chemical synthesis starts from basic laboratory compounds and yields something new, it is a purely synthetic process. If it starts from a product isolated from plants or animals and then proceeds to new compounds, the synthesis is described as a semisynthetic process.

Chemical synthesis of steroid hormones

chemical synthesis of steroid hormones


chemical synthesis of steroid hormoneschemical synthesis of steroid hormoneschemical synthesis of steroid hormoneschemical synthesis of steroid hormoneschemical synthesis of steroid hormones