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I am disgusted with Norton 360! I've never had a problem with its AV or firewall except for slowing down my machine to a crawl. Besides being a terrible resource hog, the interface is dumbed down so much that there's no visibility to what it's doing, technical support is useless, and its backup is a disaster. I can never tell if a backup has actually been done--I've had backups sit for hours and not do anything--and it has to build "backup sets" before you can even select the set you want to run. I'm usually not this hard on a product but I was a software architect for many, many years and I would have held my head in shame to release a product like this.

The Phone Number I was given to contact (I am in the UK) was 0208 0683410 when I received an alert message informing me my computer had been compromised. It informed me to contact the number given immediately and not to try and close down the computer otherwise they would have to delete my account (or something similar). When I tried to close my web page it message kept popping back up and would not let the computer close, so I closed took the battery out to close it. I then re-opened and logged in with no problem and ran Windows Defender full scan and it detected this virus which I then deleted. I then checked it out in Defender and now send my reply to what I experienced.

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