Anabolic elite vs a50

It all depends on what you need them for. Personally I went for the Elite 800x as im a solo gamer most of the time andI move around a lot, I've got a staffy who thinks he's a lap dog so the wire isn't always to be ripped out when i am chatting. I also like the fact that my mobile links up to them so I don't need to look over at it every 5 minutes. Some of the bad points is that some of the presets are absolutely useless you'll mainly be sticking to signature sound, the mic is bad but nowhere near as bad now they've updated them and that's about it. 1 last thing if you wear them for a long time, I'm talking around the 3 hour ark then they do get a little achy around the ears but they are a good headset

ASTRO for sure makes the best gaming headset that you could possibly buy, but when it comes down to the a40s vs the a50s the a40s are way better for many reasons. The a40s are so much lighter it is unreal, with the a40s on you cant tell you have a headset on they are so light and comfortable but with the a50s your head will feel weighed down because they are super heavy. When it comes to sound quality the a40s are supreme and take the crown again, but the a50s have many sound issues including hearing a little buzz in the headset at times. With the a40s you also have more control of your audio settings as compared to the a50s with the mix amp on the a40s. With the a40s having all these amazing things about them there is still one bad thing about them that is well known and that is there microphone quality, the mic quality is pretty poor on some consoles as compared to a headset like Turtle Beach. Both the a40s and a50s are nice but if you are a more serious gamer you want the a40s.

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Anabolic elite vs a50

anabolic elite vs a50