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Whoa mate! Careful about this underage stuff. You ain’t untraceable on the net. Narks are scanning for this kind of thing all the time, and do-gooders. Western police bound by international law to co-operate. Childhood marriage? Sure they dont care what the tribes get up to, not even murder. And they can’t screw them for money – they got none. But farrangis are differrent. Fuck Ethiopian law? Mate, Ethiopian law will fuck you. We’re not talking extradition/jail here, were talking brown envelopes, big ones. It dont end with one. They know you will pay anything to not be in a 3rd world court on a paedophilia rap in Amharic. They can always produce a victim if nec. I know the local plod, some of them got big houses. Seen it before. If it gets sticky I may be able to help, email me. Andy Lynch.

Achat oral t bol

achat oral t bol


achat oral t bolachat oral t bol